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What's my work?

Creating complex stories and integrating them into beautiful visuals is my passion. My work includes texturing, lighting, and modeling character/environments.  I take pride in my artworks ability to tell a story and bring people a little closer to the fantastical.

Fun Facts

 I have 3 frogs.  One I found in my car on my way home from Nevada, his name is Jason Funderburker , after a character in my favorite animated TV show Over The Garden Wall. My next two frogs are named Karl and Frankie. I have no reason why I named them other then there names just came to me.

I absolutely love Gnomes!  I did a bunch of random research on gnomes and somehow convinced a whole group of people into making a project that would feature gnomes.

I collect antique Teacups and Teapots. I  have cups that date back to 1880 and I hope to find some that go even further.  What can I say I enjoy taking sips from history.

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